Star Psychic Center

I have been specializing in readings and healing for 20 years. My first psychic experience was when I was 6 years old. I had felt a family members passing before anyone knew he was ill. Since then I discovered I have ancestors that have the psychic ability. When I was 16 years old I started meditating and also discovered that I can channel my energy to feel others energy. From that point, I realized I have a very powerful gift to help others. I have devoted myself from that point on to helping people find their true happiness. With every client, I have helped it has made me more fulfilled and motivated to continue my journey in life helping and guiding people to their happiness.


I am a natural gifted psychic. I specialize in reuniting lovers, healing broken hearts, helping people find their path in life, strengthening their weakness, meditation healing, depression, insight into your future, insight into a person’s mind, balancing your energy, overpowering your fears, help you stop from attracting negativity, find your career path, and create financial balance.


I do believe my gift is from God. I am a naturally gifted clairvoyant, and intuitive psychic. I am a very honest and direct in my readings. I do not sugar coat anything!!! I am able to feel people’s energy through vibrations intuitively. I help people get back on track and teach them how to remain that way. I will help heal people but teach people how to remain on track.